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A Homeowner's Guide to Professional Pool Cleaning


While some cleaning tasks can be handled on your own, when it comes to cleaning your pool, you need professional pool cleaners. A full-service cleaning company often supplies pool cleaning services in addition to services like industrial window cleaning and carpet steaming. Whether you need to have your entire home cleaned from windows to floors or just need to have your pool cleaned, continue reading to find out how professional pool cleaning works.

Testing Water Quality

When you hire pool cleaners, they can make sure your water chemicals are properly balanced. After removing the cover, cleaning any debris, and topping the pool off with water, pool cleaners can test the chlorine, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium, and stabilizer levels. Pool chemistry can be confusing, and maintaining the proper chemical balance is essential for keeping friends and family safe as they swim. Experts suggest testing water each week.

Delivering Faster Service

Hiring pool cleaners means that you no longer have to worry about scheduling a comprehensive weekly cleaning. Many homeowners understandably fall behind on pool maintenance and are simply unable to devote hours each week to pool upkeep. That is why over half of homeowners pay for pool cleaners, who generally take less than 20 minutes to provide a thorough cleaning. When you hire a full-service cleaning company, you get custom cleaning services, so you can have residential window cleaners polish your windows at the same time.

Protecting Your Investment

The biggest reason for hiring pool cleaners is to protect your investment. Residential pools are expensive, and failing to properly clean your pool can allow debris to pile up. Without pool cleaners to test chemicals, clean out debris, and change filters, homeowners may accidentally burn out the pool motor.

Beehive Cleaning can help you with pool cleaners near Chandler! Our cleaning professionals use only environmentally friendly chemicals, and we never stop working until you are satisfied. Whether you just need pool cleaners or want to know more about residential window cleaners or carpet cleaning, call us at (480) 405-3301 to set up a consultation and free estimate.