Prolong the Life of Marble Floors


Prolonging the life of marble and other types of stone flooring is a necessary task to protect your investment and keep your floors in good shape. There are some simple ways to keep your stone flooring in Chandler protected for the next several years of its life. Continue reading to learn some tips and tricks for prolonging the life of your marble floors.

  • Hire stone care professionals who are experienced in honing natural stone, as well as polishing and sealing it. This is the best line of defense to keeping your marble stone flooring in top condition.
  • Consider placing throw rugs and runners around strategic areas of your marble flooring. This will help reduce the amount of dirt and sand that could potentially scratch the floor.
  • You may also consider enacting a “no shoes indoors” policy. This requires that people remove their shoes near the front door and walk around barefoot to significantly reduce sand and dirt on the floors.
  • In addition to hiring stone care professionals, you should also dust, vacuum, and mop your marble floors on a regular basis. This will remove daily wear and tear from your stone floors.