What Causes Dirty Grout?


If your bathroom or kitchen has tile surfaces, you may find that your tile grout becomes dirty and black between cleanings. There are several reasons why your tile may be getting dirty more frequently.

One of the common causes of dirty grout is black mold. Black mold spores can cling to the surface of the grout, and will quickly grow and spread. Additionally, improper cleaning techniques may encourage your grout to become dirty. If you use too much cleaning product when you wash your grout, the excess soapy residue may cause dirt to become attracted to your grout.

To return your grout to a beautiful, clean state, it is a great idea to schedule a maid service in Chandler. A company offering housekeeping can thoroughly scrub and clean your tiles. In fact, with routine house cleaning services, you may find that your grout gets less dirty between cleanings. With the help of a company offering professional cleaning services, you can keep your bathroom or kitchen tile looking fresh and new.