Caring for Stone Floors


Stone flooring is a beautiful addition to your home, but only if it is well-maintained. Your stone flooring in Chandler and Gilbert needs to be cared for properly—with the right tools and a stone care professional—to maintain its gloss and defect-free appearance.

Read the following to learn more about caring for stone floors:

Use Preventative Measures

The best way to keep damage from your stone floor is to ensure measures are in place that will stop any damage. Place mats and throw rugs in strategic areas on your stone floors. For example, your kitchen’s stone floor should be covered near the sink, oven, and any place that may regularly see food or liquid fall on the ground. Use kitchen mats that will cover and protect your stone flooring from soap suds, oil, grease, and other damaging kitchen elements.

Avoid Incorrect Cleansers

Stone flooring can be very sensitive to certain chemicals and abrasives, such as lemon juice and vinegar. Some cleansers might have abrasives that, if used incorrectly, can significantly damage your stone floors with scratches and a dull appearance. Only use cleansers recommended by a professional in stone care to ensure your stone flooring is safe.

Utilize the Right Cleaning Tools

Your stone floors should be regularly swept and vacuumed to remove sand, dirt, and other harmful abrasives. When using a vacuum cleaner, ensure it does not have a beater bar or that you use a safe attachment. Vacuum cleaners can damage your stone flooring, if not used correctly. When using a damp mop, use the correct cleaning products and a non-abrasive mop to avoid scratching or dulling your floors.

Call Stone Care Pros

Even if you know basic stone care, you still must call for a stone care professional. This professional can examine your stone flooring for any damages and correct them with honing and polishing techniques. After these crucial practices, your stone care pro will then seal your stone floors against staining, degradation, and moisture absorption. These are necessary to maintain your stone floors for long life.