How Clean Is Your Bathroom?


Even the cleanest bathroom is likely to have germs and bacteria living in it. In addition, the longer a bathroom goes without a deep clean and disinfection from a maid service, then the likelier it is to be infested with mold, mildew, and other harmful germs. Here is a closer look at how your bathroom could be dirtier than you think and why professional housekeeping in Chandler and Gilbert is very important:

Bathrooms are a haven for harmful molds and bacteria that can cause significant health issues and damages to your house. Bathrooms are often filled with moisture, warmth, and bacteria—all of which make the perfect breeding ground for mold. If your bathroom is not a part of your regular house cleaning tasks, then it should be first on the list. As people use your bathroom, they are constantly releasing potentially harmful bacteria in the air. Bacteria can settle on every surface of your bathroom, causing mold, diseases, and other harmful conditions that might affect your family or your home. Ensure your maid service is using efficient cleansers and disinfectants to remove as much bacteria as possible.

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