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The Steps Of Cleaning Tile And Grout


Arizona homeowners know that tile is a popular choice in homes for many reasons: it offers flooring that can help bring cooler temperatures in warm summer months and it is representative of a traditional southwest style. Whether you have tile all throughout your home or just in select rooms, such as your bathrooms or kitchen, keeping tile and grout clean should be a routine part of cleaning your home. Cleaning tile is easy, generally it just needs a good wipe down. Grout can be a bit more difficult to clean, but this article will give you some key pointers about tile and grout cleaning.


Before you dive right in with cleaning solutions and scrubbing , you should prep the area to be cleaned. The grout in tiles on floors or counters can collect dirt, food particles, and other debris. The first thing you should do is sweep or vacuum the area that is being cleaned. Next, mix together your cleaning solution based on instructions provided. Usually, you will use an alkaline and acid mixed together for the most effective cleaning.


Once your cleaning solution is prepped, you’ll then apply it to the grout and scrub with a grout brush. For best results, the solution should sit for about 10 minutes. After that, you will clean the area with water to rinse away all the chemicals. Once the surface is dry, you may want to add a grout sealer to help protect from future staining.

Professional Cleaning

To get the best looking tile and grout, hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home’s flooring. If you do not have the time or right equipment, leave it to the professionals. You’ll have brand new looking tiles with none of the hassle.

Beehive Cleaning employs the best tile and grout specialists near Chandler. Call us at (480) 405-3301 to learn more about all the services we offer in addition to tile and grout cleaning, including flooring installation and carpet problems.

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