Why Grout Gets Stained


Many homeowners wish to avoid carpet cleaning near Chandler, so they have tile laid down instead. Then, they notice the grout between the tiles is stained, and grout stains are just as stubborn as those that end up in a carpet. With regular housekeeping, and knowing exactly how your grout is becoming stained, you may be ableĀ to avoid ugly grout stainsĀ .

If you notice your grout becoming stained, take a look at where it is located, and what it comes into contact with. Grout in bathrooms, or poorly ventilated, moist locations, will collect mildew. This mildew can spread onto the surrounding tile, so be sure your cleaning services are cleaning your bathrooms well. Grout is often made from cement, which is a porous material, so spills will often be absorbed into the grout, causing it to discolor. Also, if the grout is located on a countertop, or encounters spills often, you may consider adding a grout sealant to protect it. No matter where your grout is located, or how often it becomes stained, ask your house cleaners to pay close attention when cleaning it.

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