Staying Organized Before You Move


Moving can be a stressful time, no matter how organized you are. Even with a maid service consistently keeping your home clean, there is always something more you can do before a big move. Along with helpful cleaning services near Chandler , here are some simple tips to organize your home before you move:

Make Piles to Sort Through Each Roomclean closet

Every few months, or at least once a year, you should have a deep home cleaning and decluttering weekend. If this hasn’t been a regular habit, though, then you need to get started as soon as you know you are going to move. Go room by room and create three to four piles of the items you plan to keep, sell, donate, or recycle and throw away. As you finish each room, make sure you perform the appropriate action with each pile and box up items as you can. This will save you a lot of time and stress as you get closer to your move.

Write Inventory Lists

At the same time as your decluttering, you should start making an inventory list of everything you are moving to the new house. This will include the major furniture within each room. The list should also include the amount of boxes from each room and a short list of what is in each box. Write a brief list of the boxed contents on each box or create a coding system to stay optimally organized, even without your master list handy.

Maintain Datebooks

Keep a record of important dates, phone numbers, and companies you need to call before your move. This may include shutting off the utilities, changing address information, and making appointments for carpet cleaning and moving services.

Use Labels

As you declutter and clean a room, stick a colorful label on the door to remind you. This colorful label will also come in handy as you empty drawers, cabinets, and entire rooms. Instead of forgetting if something was emptied, and having to recheck constantly, keeping a bright piece of tape on it will tell you it has been emptied and save you much-needed time.

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