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Decluttering Before You Move


Before your big move, consider looking into local cleaning services near Chandler. Maid service can help you declutter your home and provide a deep carpet cleaning for the next occupants. But first you’ll need to clear the area, and you’ll find that moving is an excellent excuse to get rid of some excess belongings. To free up some space in your moving truck and your future home, consider tossing or donating the following items.

Items Never Unpackedcartoon of messy room

If there are unopened or unused gifts cluttering up your closet and kitchen, it may be time to get rid of them. The same goes for boxes or items you haven’t used since the last time you moved. There is a common rule of decluttering: if you haven’t used or even thought of something in over a year, then it probably should be donated, trashed, or sold.

Expired Products

Go through your medicine cabinets, pantries, freezer, and refrigerator. If anything is expired, or will likely expire before you use it, then throw it away. If you have food that isn’t expired, but you do not anticipate eating it, donate it to your local food pantry.

Unfinished Projects

Almost everyone has a hobby or side project they’ve started and never finished. If you haven’t touched your project in months or years, it may be time to be done with it. Depending on the project—a reupholstered chair, knitting or crocheting, or woodcarving—you may be able to donate it to a local technical school, church, or elementary school.

Books and Knickknacks

These items may be the most difficult part of home cleaning. They are often the most personal objects, but also tend to take up the most room. Consider donating or selling books you’ve never read, as well as the books you have read but won’t read again. Then, look at the books and knickknacks you love and determine whether they’re really worth lugging to your next home.

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